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ProSeT independently optimizes the welding and travel paths

Boosting production during laser plastic welding

New system software and welding machines at Medtec

Medical technology makes particularly high demands on production technologies. LPKF WeldingQuipment showcases the latest laser plastic welding developments at more...


Reliable Measurement of Laser Transparency

LPKF TMG 3 Qualified as Measuring Tool

Laser welding is established as a standard solution for joining plastics. It has a large process window and can be well-monitored through quality assurance more...

LPKF ProSeT 3D Layout

Process set up at high speed

LPKF ProSeT enhances performance during laser plastic welding

The mechanical layout of a production system is a key performance factor. Controlling and setting up the production process is another crucial aspect for the overall performance. With the new software development ProSeT 3D, LPKF simplifies process setup and creates optimized welding more...

LPKF PowerWeld3D 8000

Welding large 3D plastic components with quality control

LPKF PowerWeld3D 8000 wobbles at high speed

The new LPKF laser machine stands for the next generation laser plastic welding. It is a high-performance welding system for large 3D components up to 1000 mm x 750 mm using an innovative technology. Remarkable is the flexibility in the Z direction: This welding system can handle height differences of up to 400 mm, as well as monitoring the welding process with an integrated melt travel monitoring more...

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