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Laser plastic welding in the automotive industry

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Laser plastic welding enables the automotive and subcontracting industry to enjoy all the benefits of high product quality, production reliability and attractive economics. 

For instance, sensor electronics for cars: Wherever sensitive electronic components are used in sensors, lasers weld the sensor housings reliably and inexpensively. And the quality of the weld is documented as the welding process takes place.

In a control device for electronic steering, internal components are fastened into place using laser staking, and the cover is then welded tightly onto the component by laser welding.

Another example: In a regulation valve for a lumbar support, a tight seam can only be realized using an LPKF dual clamping device (DCD). This component is clamped uniformly along the outer contours and the inner surface.

The advantages of laser plastic welding for the automotive industry

  • traceability / MES integration
  • extremely short cycle times, low costs over the whole life cycle
  • particle-free working
  • complete tightness of joint lines
  • stress-free energy input
  • highest aesthetic quality
  • high flexibility 

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