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Laser plastic welding for consumer goods

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Electrical equipment used in the consumer sector is the third big area of application for laser plastic welding in addition to the automotive and medical technology sectors.

This method is used for the production of many everyday objects because of its many benefits:

  • precise joint lines in visible areas
  • invisible welding seams thanks to clear-clear joins
  • complex 3D-components and large freeform components
  • complete tightness of joint lines
  • very thin materials such as films
  • very small materials with seam widths in the micrometer range
  • production planning flexibility
  • very high hygiene standards 

Manufacturers of consumer goods profit from the benefits of laser plastic welding in many ways: It reduces rejects, makes the articles look more attractive, and when the processes are properly configured, generates real money savings thanks to its economical production features. 

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