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Transmission Laser Welding

Transmission laser welding is the most commonly used method. Two components can be joined using this method as long as they have different transmission properties: one of the two components is transparent to the wavelength of the light emitted by the laser, while the other absorbs the laser energy. The heat generated in the absorbing component is transferred to the upper component by applying a slight clamping force. The two components therefore melt along the weld seam to create a strong and reliable bond.

Different processing methods have established themselves to satisfy a broad range of applications. Transmission laser welding is therefore classified further depending on how the laser beam scans the joint line:

Joining two components together – the very convincing way laser technology does this has helped it conquer more and more sectors. It is particularly economical, technically superior to conventional techniques, and opens up new quality options thanks to its end-to-end process tracking.

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