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Reliable Measurement of Laser Transparency

LPKF TMG 3 Qualified as Measuring Tool

Laser welding is established as a standard solution for joining plastics. It has a large process window and can be well-monitored through quality assurance measures.
It's always problematic when there are conditions outside the defined material parameters - other material gauges, pigments, or additive mixing ratios can have a negative effect on the process. When the absorption coefficient of a joining partner changes, it delivers valuable information about irregularities in the upstream processes.

The LPKF TMG 3 can perform this task. It can be used as a standalone measuring tool or as an inline tool in laser plastic welding systems for 100% inspection. It passes through the joining partner with a laser beam in the wavelength and caustic of the welding laser and returns the measured transmission as a percentage value. In this way, any material nonconformities can be detected before the welding process begins.

After qualification of the measurement standards by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig, LPKF calibrates the delivered TMG 3 in accordance with DIN 9001. All measuring devices will be sup-plied with a calibration certificate and a measurement report. Therefore, the LPKF TMG 3 is a certificated tool for norm conforming quality assurance.

LPKF TMG 3 Measurement Report
Measurement report and graph verify the outstanding agreement of measurement results with the measurement standards certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (variance < 1 percent).
The LPKF TMG 3 can be used as a standalone tool or as an inline tool in LPKF laser welding systems

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