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LPKF InlineWeld 2000

Integration system for radial welding

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The LPKF InlineWeld 2000 has proven its capabilities in rotation-symmetrical welding operations. In radial welding, either the laser beam is turned around the component or the laser beam is dynamically guided around the component using mirrors.

Radial welding has the advantage that it can usually do without any additional clamping tools in cases where the necessary pressure is provided by the design fit of the components - e.g. pipes.

  • Processing head
  • Separate laser/control unit
  • Standard console

LPKF InlineWeld 2000 Image
Integration system for radial welding
LPKF InlineWeld 2000
perfect for radial welding
Cosmetics samples

radial welded valve
Radial welded valve
schematic diagram Radial welding
Schematic diagram radial welding

Technical Data
LPKF InlineWeld 2000 
Laser class 1
Technology Radial welding
Laser power 20 - 500 W
Working area Standard: Diameter 0 mm (0") to 80 mm (3"), optional: Diameter 0 mm (0") up to 250mm (10")
Power supply 400 V / 16 A CEE
Clamping force Optional max. 1 kN
(W x H x D)
With fixture: 415 mm x 652 mm x 160 mm (16” x 26” x 6”)

Technical specifications subject to change.

Brochure LPKF InlineWeld Systems (pdf)

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