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LPKF InlineWeld 6200

LPKF InlineWeld 6200

Powerful, Efficient, Compact

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Welding head for direct integration in production lines

The LPKF InlineWeld 6200 a compact integration system for laser plastic welding of small components up to 100 mm x 100 mm. It boasts a new machine layout that reduces costs and boosts system performance thanks to a clever combination of the most up-to-date components.

The system conforms to the laser protection stipulations, and corresponds to laser class 1 during production operations. In addition, the clamping technology, the cylinder unit and the component holder are all equipped with safety sensors. This makes it really easy to realize installation in production lines in conformity with EN-ISO 11553.

ProfiNet interface for industry 4.0 integration

The InlineWeld 6200 is supplied with the LPKF CAM software ProSeT - to set up the welding contour quickly and easily. A ProfiNet interface enables the connection to the client’s own manufacturing execution system (MES). The InlineWeld 6200 accepts the process data, and in turn supplies the values for the actual welding process - such as the time/melt travel data for quality assurance.

The complete process control and monitoring is comfortably handled by the client’s higher-level, central control system. The separately available LPKF Interface Box can decentrally set up process data and system parameters without connection to the MES, and operate the InlineWeld 6200 as a standalone after mounting in a production cell.

LPKF InlineWeld 6200
LPKF InlineWeld 6200
Schematic diagram contour welding
Schematic diagram contour welding
schematic diagram Quasi-simultaneous welding
Schematic diagram quasisimultaneous welding

MINI ignition key
Automotive production parts
Dsiplay cover
Automotive sample

Medical sample
Medical samples

Technical Data
LPKF InlineWeld 6200
Laser class 1 (after integration)
Laser power /
Spot diameter
Max. 200 W /
1.8 mm or 2.1 mm
Clamping pressure range 580 N - 1750 N
Max. working area 100 mm x 100 mm
Welding head dimensions
(W x D x H)
400 mm x 450 mm x 1300 mm
Control cabinet dimensions
(W x D x H)
950 mm x 600 mm x 1350 mm
Power supply 400 V, 16 A, max. 3 kW
Compressed air 4.5 bar - 10 bar
Ambient conditions 18 °C - 35 °C
Options Remote Maintenance Module, Interface Box

Technical specifications subject to change.

Brochure LPKF InlineWeld 6200 (pdf)

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