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LPKF InlineWeld 6900

LPKF InlineWeld 6900

Designed for the use in conveyor systems

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LPKF InlineWeld 6900 - designed for the use in conveyorsystems as Plug & Play

The LPKF InlineWeld 6900 creates an enclosed welding cell with integrated control cabinet. The serial concept with remarkably small footprint of only 930 x 1 270 mm also contains a beamline system, a laser head as well as a clamping module. The servo motor-driven clamping  module disposes clamping forces of 100 to maximum 3 500 N.

Conveyor systems, return lines for conveyor systems and also the band control system are provided and activated by the customer. The LPKF InlineWeld 6900 is a plug-and play design and can be integrated into existing or new lines. Option: servo motor-driven clamping module with integrated force- /path measurement.

  • Enclosed welding cell with integrated control cabinet.
  • Beamline system, laser head, clamping unit
  • Solid Aluminium framework with circumferential paneling and lockable back service doors
  • Plug-in boards for 19" racks

LPKF InlineWeld 6900
LPKF InlineWeld 6900
Vision panel

Cover panel infusion system
Schematic diagram contour welding
Schematic diagram contour welding
schematic diagram Quasi-simultaneous welding
Schematic diagram quasisimultaneous welding

Technical Data
LPKF InlineWeld 6900 
Laser class 1
Technology Contour-, Quasisimultaneous welding
Laser power 200 - 400 W
Laser wavelength 808 nm, 980 nm, 1070 nm
Working area 133 mm x 238 mm
Clamping force max. 3500 N
Ambient conditions max. Surrounding temperature: 35°C, max. humidity: 80% at 25°C
Options Remote maintenance, LPKF contourmanagement, process data collection and analysis, connection MES system, Traceability data via fieldbus interface
Main dimensions
(W x D X H)
930 mm x 1480 mm x 2400 mm (36.6" x 58.3 " x 94.5")
(Height including signal lamp and  faser; without 2100 mm (82.7"))

Technical specifications subject to change.

Brochure LPKF InlineWeld Systems (pdf)

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